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O le a le uiga o Kuzu No Honkai?

Scum’s Wish is a very hard Anime to follow along, the ending being even more unsatisfactory and confusing. Today we’re going to discuss what Anime is actually about and also the sad ending which left many fans angry and heartfelt. As well as this you’re going to learn if Scum Wish e lelei Anime ma o le a tatou vaavaai foi i tagata autu i le Anime ma talanoaina a latou matafaioi ma pe faapefea ona latou aafia ai le Anime. So, keep reading to discover what Is Kuzu Leai Honkai tusa?

Taimi fuafuaina faitau: 9 minute

Scums Wish ose mea mata'ina Anime Romance o lo'o fa'aalia ai le tele o tagata e iai uiga 'ese'ese o lo'o manana'o i mea 'ese'ese mo i latou ma isi tagata latou te fegalegaleai.

Contents of what Is Kuzu No Honkai about?

  • Le mafutaga i le va o Hanabi & Mugi.
  • O le tala ma le faaiuga o le faasologa.
  • O isi tagata i le faasologa ma a latou matafaioi.
  • So'o se fa'ailoga uiga e tula'i mai i Kuzi no Honkai.
  • Comparing Hana and Mugi’s encounters during Scum’s Wish.

In this article, we attempt to accurately describe the dynamic between the main characters and explain the side characters and their role.

As well as this I’ll of course go over the complicated and unsatisfactory ending that saw both characters part ways. This ending is vital to understand what Is Kuzu No Honkai is about?

Fautuaina: o mea leaga tele mo le Kuzu no Honkai Anime i luma.

O se faʻataʻitaʻiga o le malosi i le va o mataʻitusi e lua o mataʻitusi autu e lua, Hanabi ma Mugi. At the start don’t actually love each other. Instead, they submit both to a pack, which binds them to an agreement.

O le uiga o lenei maliliega afai e fiafia le isi pe faʻafefe i le tagata o loʻo alofa moni i ai, o le a latou taofia ma fesoasoani ia i latou.

O le mafuaaga o lenei mea e lua Hanabi ma Mugi o loʻo alofa uma i laʻua i tagata i le faasologa e le mafai ona latou alolofa i se faiga faʻafeusuaiga i se mafutaga moni.

Mo lenei mafuaʻaga, o le mafutaga tatou te vaʻaia i le vaitau muamua, e taua tele, aua o le mea autu lea e uiga i le faasologa, ma Hanabi ma Mugi, fa'aalu le tele o le taimi ma le tasi ma le isi pe a latou fai tafaoga faamasani pepelo.

O lenei laasaga o tafaoga faamasani e le o talanoa tele i ai Hanabi or Mugi i le taimi o le faasologa. I le taufaaiuiuga o le Anime, na fesili atu ai nisi o tamaiti aoga ia Hana pe a o i fafo e fai se taumafataga.

Hanabi responds that they are not that close anymore and that they don’t talk that much anymore. Now, Hanabi is telling the truth to hear. This fits with what we see in the later episodes, with Hanabi ma Mugi ignoring each other.

This happens till the last episode, where we get a final shot panning upwards while Hanabi comments on the fact that they are leaving each other.

Hanabi says that the two will begin a pact whereby they help each other. They will also give themselves to the others and make them forget about the ones they cannot have.

In Hanabi’s case, this is Mr Kanai, and in Mugi’s it is Akane. This scene is similar to the one we get in the beginning episode, where another commentary is given, but before, she says something a lot different.

I le amataga o le faasologa, matou te vaʻai uma Hanabi ma Mugi make out under a tree. This happens just as Hanabi is regarding her teacher, who is called Mr Kanai in the series. During the Anime, ua taʻua o ia e Hanapi o le tuagane, lea e ono faʻaalia ai foi ona lagona moni ia te ia.

O le taʻua o ia o le uso atonu o lona uiga e sili atu lona popole mo ia nai lo le mea e tatau ona tatou mafaufau i ai. Ae mo Mugi, we see that she is most interested in Mrs Minigawa.

O ia o se faiaoga i le aʻoga o loʻo aʻoga ai le ulugalii aʻoga ma o lo latou faiaoga musika. Minigawas's uiga e manaia ma o ia foi e matua manipulative ma faatogafiti. E le gata i lea e fai si oona ma le malulu i nisi o taimi.

E iai fo'i isi fa'ailoga ma o nei mea e sau i foliga o Hanabi ma Mugi matua, a latou uo i le vasega, o isi faiaoga, ma se isi uiga faaopoopo tatou te vaai i ai Anime.

These characters also form relationships with the main characters. This especially happens with Hanabi. She begins a whole new journey and seems to express herself in a way that’s contrary when to Mugi.

The character she does this, in particular, is called Sanae Ebato. She is a very pretty girl from Hanabi’s class, and they go on many different outings together. They often engage in sexual acts during the series.

Hanabi does not seem to mind that she is doing this with a girl. And quickly lets on to Sanae’s advance. This may show us that she is not as interested in Mugi as we first think.

Post related to what Is Kuzu No Honkai about:

However, this could be a simple instance of Hanabi just experimenting with her own sexuality. Not caring about Mugi because she knows he’s only interested in Akane.

If that’s the case it makes the situation regarding Hanabi’s love life pretty sad. After Hanabi’s thing with Sanae, she realizes that she and Mugi don’t talk much anymore. This happens after their final meeting during this scene. Hanabi ma Mugi agree the day before, to meet at the park at 6.

O le mafuaaga ua la malilie uma ai e feiloai i lenei nofoaga, ona o le tofotofoina o le tasi i le isi pe o la e alofa pea i le tagata la te alolofa i ai. Afai e teena uma i laʻua, e mafai ona la toe foʻi e alofa le tasi i le isi i se mea lilo. E ui lava o le a le moni lava.

The main difference between Hanabi and Mugi is their relationships. Mugi is in love with a manipulative, smart attractive teacher who always gets her way with men.

Ae i le isi itu, Susuga Kanai, is a smart, caring, considerate and charming young man. Who looks out for Hana and turns her down in an understanding way.

I ata vaaia, Akane is very cold and un-empathetic to Mugi. This is illustrated when he comes to Akane in a position of vulnerability, asking her for some of her time.

In this part of the episode, Akane pretends to care for Mugi, and they then go on to have sex. This means that he won’t be returning to Hanabi after. And thus, she is left alone in the park, looking longingly at the clock, hoping to see him walking towards her. But that never happens.

So now near the end of le Anime, we have a situation where one of the characters has been rejected, and the other is falsely led to believe that they are also liked.

In reality, for both characters, this is untrue. And they are both not really loved in the way they want to be. And only one of them is sexually admired by those people.

We only see this in Mugi, with Akane. Kanai completely disregards any of Hana’s advances. And he sometimes even likens her to a child, stroking and patting her hair at times.

This seems to always make Hanabi nervous and embarrassed, and she often can be seen blushing and squirming when he does so.

Faatusatusaina o feiloaiga a Hana ma Mugi

So in a few words, I’m going to explain what Hanabi and Kanai’s relationship is, and what Mugi and Akane’s is. Because, in this instance, they are very different, in many ways.

Let’s start with Hana. Her relationship with kanai is in fact an old one. kanai was an old friend of Hana’s family, and in particular her parents. This makes the bond between them somewhat stronger than the one Mugi has with Akane.

O le a ou faamatalaina o se tasi tagata o loo tuliloaina se alofa e le moni ma o le mea moni e le tauia. I le isi itu, o le tasi o loʻo tuliloaina le alofa e pepelo ma taufaasese. E mafua ona e le alofa Akane ia Mugi pe tausi foi ia te ia. O le mea moni, e mamao ese mai ai.

So looking at it like this, we can see that Hanabi and Mugi’s encounters and problems are different because the characters that they engage with are also very different in their actions and personalities.

However, the element that binds Hanabi ma Mugi together is the fact that they both, in different ways experience unrequited love, in one form or another.

There’s actually a period in le Anime lea Hanabi o lo'o fa'aauau pea ona fa'apea mai le le manaia ma le matuiā o le alofa e le taulia. E manaia tele lenei mea aua afai e iloa e se tasi i le faasologa, o le Hanabi.

If you’ve just begun watching Kuzu no Honkai and you’re a bit confused about the story then we hope you enjoyed this article to help you better understand what takes place in le Anime.

I le faaiuga o le Anime, both characters don’t get what they want and end up with nothing in the end. We’ll apart from the experience they both gain. In reality, it’s a pretty harsh ending.

This had some fans asking for another season. Hoping the problems addressed in the first series will be solved in the second.

They also hope there will be a reunion between the couple. As many people ship Hanabi ma Mugi. Will this ever happen? – Well they do and we have already addressed this in another article which you can read iinei.

Afai o loʻo e suʻeina se faʻamatalaga auiliili i le faʻaiʻuga o le Scum's Wish, faʻamolemole faʻaalu le taimi e faitau ai la matou tusiga i lena iinei. As for a more detailed article on Hanabi and Mugi’s relationship in Kuzi no Honkai and the question of if they are a good couple in le Anime, faʻamolemole faitau le tala lea.

Faai'u mafaufauga

The partnership between both Hanabi ma Mugi is a complicated one. And it’s made more difficult when Akane doesn’t turn down Mugi but instead sleeps with him. Leading him on further, and of course preventing him from going back to Hanabi and meeting her at the park.

Mo lenei mafuaʻaga, Hanabi becomes distant from Mugi, and the two begin to talk less and less soon they completely ignore each other when passing each other in school.

In the final parts of the last episode, Hanabi debates to herself whether or not it is a good thing they stopped seeing each other. She also thinks about the possibility of them ever reuniting. This does happen but not in le Anime.

After school, Hanabi ma Mugi do meet up again. You can read all about Vaitau 2 o Mana'oga Scum. Where we discuss the spin of Manga and what it means for season 2 of Kuzu no Honkai.

A new season is somewhat likely and we would see a return of all the original characters in le Anime.

This is because Kanai and Akane feature a lot in the spin-off Manga, as do Hanabi ma Mugi. If you enjoyed reading this article then please show your support by liking or sharing this post.

You can also comment your thoughts on Kuzu no Honkai in the comments below. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. Have a great day and stay safe!

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